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The choir project was born from a desire to bring together people who love to sing and discover the world through song.
A fantastic opportunity to come together to celebrate the riches of the world, to experience a different vocal approach, based on the concept of the different ethnicities of Africa, and elsewhere. A diversified singing repertoire where rhythm, harmony and good humor are at the center of our performances.

The choirs resume their rehearsals in September


Frasnes Choir
Afropean Choir

The choir  Of the World"
by Lessines

"Sakina choir Zen"

Location: Youth Center - Vaniche

Road of Lessines 1

7911 Frasnes-lez-Buissenal

Every other Wednesday

Location: René Magritte Cultural Center 

21, rue des 4 Fils Aymon - 7860 Lessines

Every Tuesday

Location: in Brussels
SALAM room: Rue du viaduc 133 - 1050 Ixelles
Scheldt room:  Rue de l'Escaut 60 - 1080 Brussels
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